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Bath/Shower Essentials

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We have a little girl who loves to take a bath. She enjoys playing with her dolls and take them on wild adventures. She even hosts her own TV show while making a toilet cleaner with some of the products she used in her bath. So why not let her enjoy the benefits of a bath bomb, a bath soak, fairy dust or a salt soak, that will also help her relax just in time for bed.

Some of the items that you will find in our bath/shower section

Bath Bombs:

Bath bombs are great for kids and even for adults. They come in many scents and shapes. They are a great way to help you relax and unwind. You can get them custom scented, colored and get them molded into most shapes. Toys can also be added. We can also do gender reveals.

Bath Soaks/Salts:

Bath soaks/salts work the same way as a bath bomb but it is not molded. You can use different kinds of salts for different relaxation points and what you want the salt to help with. Some of the salts that can be used are sea salt, dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, and Epsom salt are just a few we have to offer.

Fairy Dust:

Fairy dust is a bath bomb that will not stay molded. We have put them in decorating bags, test tubes, and jars. Like a bath bomb, they can be scented in any scent and also colored in most colors as you would a bath bomb. Some like the fairy dust because you can add a little or a lot depending on how much you would like your water to color or have the scent to fill the room.

Shampoo Bars:

Shampoo bars have been a big seller. Unlike shampoo in a jar, you use it like a bar of soap. You can use as much or as little as you would like. Most shampoo bars average up to 64 washes depending on the length of hair and how much you use. Stay tuned for our conditioner bars.


Lotions are a great way to moisturize your skin after a bath or shower. Get them scented for relaxation, floral, citrus, just about anything. You can also get a great shave lotion that is a shaving cream as a lotion base that you can use in or out of the shower.

Bubble bars:

Bubble bath in the shape of a bar or a scoop. Just like a bath bomb, but you can break it up and use a little at a time. Unlike a bath bomb, which just foams, a bubble bar will give you bubbles just like a liquid bubble bath.


Handmade soap. Get it in a bar, a shape, foaming or in a liquid. It can be custom scented. We can also add a toy surprise inside to help promote good hand washing.


We can not forget the men in our lives. We have a line for them as well. Currently in that line is shaving soap, which is a bar of soap that they can use to shave with. We will be adding to this line with our first new edition beard oil to help moisturize dry skin, and condition the hair.

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