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Candles are here

We have finally launched our candle line. We have tested 4oz tins, candlelights, and 10oz candle vessels. We are still testing scents, other vessels, and also larger sizes. With the raising prices of ingredients, this is taking longer than we expected and we thank you for your patience with this process.

What we have available currently are the following scents:

  • Cedarwood & Bergamot

  • Cinnamon

  • Coconut Dreams

  • Gingerbread Cookie

  • Harvest Wreath

  • Kentish Rain

  • Ocean Mist

  • Vanilla

  • White Gardenia/Jasmine

More scents and sizes will be coming soon and we will keep you posted when we add them to the website. Sign up for our email newsletter to stay informed and up to date with all things Valley Scents.

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