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End of this year's Farmer's Market

Last week was the last day of this year's Farmer's Market season. It was a great season for us and the other vendors at the market. We had a few returns from last year's market and we also had a lot of new vendors which was awesome to see. The market is always so much fun for us.

We had a few customers return who have bought from us in the last few years, but we had a lot of new customers come to see us. It was great meeting all of you and so much fun. We had some great conversations and a lot of laughs. We love hearing about you and your families and what you like to use in your products and do for fun. We can't wait for the market to begin back up again next year.

This year for us we did have a few changes. We started out with all of us, my husband, oldest daughter, the youngest daughter, and I all helping with the market. Then throughout the season, my oldest decided to go every other weekend so she could do some cleaning around the house, do her laundry, and such. Then August hit and things really changed. My husband had gallbladder surgery and he was out for 6 weeks. Right after his surgery, he was in the hospital with a complication from the surgery so which put him out from helping so I was just my youngest and I from August until the end of the season. She wanted to stay and help because she had been helping me make products and she wanted to learn the register. Thank you to all of you who were patient with her as she was learning that process.

Next year she will be having more of a maker role as she will be making bracelets and creating paintings to sell at the market along with our other products. She is becoming quite the maker herself which is so awesome to see her creativity.

From now until next year's market season we will still be selling our products. There are a few ways to purchase from us.

  1. Through our website at

  2. Through our Facebook page at

  3. Through our Instagram page at

  4. Sending us an email at

We are running a special for those that are local (Waynesboro/Staunton area) by using the coupon code MARKET when placing an order through our website. This will not charge you shipping and you are able to pick up your order on Saturdays in the pavilion parking lot at Constitution Park in Waynesboro from 12-1 pm. If ordering through Facebook and/or Instagram just send us a DM and we will send you the link for payment, no need to use the coupon code. If you would like for us to ship your order instead of pickup, send us a message and we will prorate our normal shipping rate.

We continue to look forward to the market every year and our continued growth within the community. Our continued growth means we are one step closer to having our very own store, which is our goal.

Thank you for your love and support.

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