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Pets are family members too. So why not help them with chemical-free products as well. We own a lemon beagle named Bo and an orange tabby cat named Moonpie who is extra "fluffy" and snuggly. This is a new line for us and I'll explain why we started with it.

In February of 2019, our dog Bo woke up one morning and yelped. I thought nothing of it and went about my morning. Soon after I heard howling in the back yard. I went to see what was happening and I found my dog howling every time he walked. I knew he was in some type of pain. He would try to look up at me and howl, then lay down and I could see the tear rolling down his nose. I called my husband crying I didn't know what to do. We decided to bring him to the vet.

While I was waiting for my husband to come home and help me because I knew I could not lift him up myself to get him in the car. I got Bo from the back of the yard down next to the gate. I sat with him and pet him until my husband came home. When he saw his dad Bo decided he'd try to move and didn't get far before he howled and dropped to lay down. We got him into a crate to limit his movement as to not cause any more pain while getting him to the vet.

Once there she tried to examine him and I could hear him howling in the back while we were in the reception area. All I wanted to do was cry. My baby was in pain and I didn't know what to do. We found out that he had Beagle Meningitis (neck pain). It acts like a pinched nerve and stiffens up the neck muscle so he couldn't look up at anyone. So we had to give him a steroid for 14 days to help ease the muscle and strengthen it. There was no guarantee that it would help or he wouldn't get it again.

He wouldn't take his medicine for 4 days. We had tried everything, pumpkin pie filling, moist food, peanut butter, and he wouldn't touch any of it. Finally, the vet told us to try a marshmallow and low and behold he started to take his medicine. But one thing I had started to try while he wouldn't take his medicine was essential oils. I know that Copaiba helps with inflamed muscles in humans so I decided to take out my essential oil book and look up the benefits for animals.

After some research, I decided to try the Copaiba along with a carrier oil and massage his neck, upper back, and chest area to help with those muscles. After 3 days of doing this 3 times a day he was looking at us with no problems. He was doing more than just laying down not trying to move. We took him to the vet and she said he was a totally different dog then 3 days before. That was when we asked about him not wanting to take his medicine and when we started to introduce the marshmallow. We continued with his medicine but we never stopped the Copaiba massage. The next day he was running around the yard and rolling around in the grass like nothing ever happened. We still continue to give him a massage but now he only gets them 2x a week.

That is when we started the furbaby line. We have doggie palm balm to help with the paw pads and can also help with their nose if they scrape it while digging. Super safe for them if they are a licker also. We have dry shampoo & spray to keep them smelling fresh and also a bath soak to help ease tired muscles from a super long walk.

We'll be adding new items for the furbabies because they need pampering too.

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