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Home Essentials

We love making homemade bath products, but we also love making them for the home. My girls love to smell the aroma of our products from the time they wake up, to bathtime and of course bedtime. Some of the products that we include in our home essentials section are:

Room Sprays

Refresh your room with a bottle of our room spray. Have a favorite scent of your childhood, holiday, flower or just a favorite smell in general, we can make it. Use as an air freshener to freshen the air or furniture.

Shoe Spray

Does your or your child's shoe smell from gym class, sports or just in general. We had something that may help. Our shoe spray is a purifying spray that traps the smell of shoe odor. Spray it after you or your child takes off their shoes and let it sit. Nice smelling shoes in the morning.

Pillow Spray

Our popular seller. Have a hard time going to sleep at night. Try our pillow spray. Who knew that a mix of lavender, orange and sweet smell of Ylang-ylang could help someone sleep. Our family loves this stuff and we make it in big batches. It can also be used as a monster spray. Do you have a little one that is afraid when the lights go out? Have them use the pillow spray to shot the monster away, and it will help them sleep all at the same time. Good night little one.

Roller bottles

We make a few things that will come in a roller bottle. Some of those items are headache relief, migraine helper, menstrual cramps be gone, Stress be gone, and more. Some of them will have to be custom to what your needs are and what you are looking for.


We do have an area where we make some wood crafts also. Items we have made are a bone rack where you will have a place to hang your dog's leash with a jar for snacks. We have also made a wine rack that can hold up to 3 bottles of wine and four glasses. This year we will be making more wood crafts as before to help incorporate our home essentials together.

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