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This is a beautiful flower that grows annually. Typically grows two to five feet tall in height. The stems are weak and watery. Seeds bloom in early spring and reach maximum size by August, with flowering starting in mid-summer and will continue until frost kills the plant.

According to research Jewelweed has a long history of use in Native American medicine. When applied topically, sap from the stem and leaves is said to relieve itching and pain from a variety of ailments, including hives, poison ivy, stinging nettle, and other skin sores and irritations. (This information was found on

Our family has tried many natural bug sprays. The bite of the bug causes an allergic reaction in our youngest. Some bites swell up to three times their original size. After testing a number of bug sprays, we decided to go for something more natural, which we could control the ingredients. We tested a number of recipes and did a lot of research before a lady came up to our booth and asked if we made Jewelweed soap. While researching Jewelweed at home and wondering how it could be used as a bug spray, I was reminded of the use of this herb.

We had some friends over for a game night just a couple of weeks ago, which we've been doing since the beginning of the year. After playing outside for a few minutes, our girls went inside. Our youngest child came in to say her legs were itchy. She had 21 bug bites on both legs when I checked her. Previously, I had made some bug bite relief roll-on, but this time I decided to add some Jewelweed extract. She stopped complaining about the itching after about 5 minutes and went back to playing.

The next morning we were amazed. There were no signs that she was bitten by mosquitos. It was amazing. That is when I ordered more of the extract and went to the shop and made soap, bug spray, and our bug bite rollon. We have tested the bug spray and that works great also. Actually works amazing. From my own experience, if you wear sandals, spray your feet. LOL. Fortunately, I only got bitten once because I forgot my feet. I applied the roll-on and lo and behold, the bite was gone the next morning.

The creation of our Bye Bye Bugs product line was inspired by Jewelweed Extract, and we are proud that we've launched it.

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