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Our Sustainable Goals

The one thing we love to do as a family is going to the beach and listen to the ocean, feel and play in the sand, walk in the waves, watch the sunsets and sunrises, and just relax. We go as much as we can as a family. We love to go to Virginia Beach during the Neptune Festival and see all the vendors, smell all of the delicious food, and of course see the work of sand sculptors with the sandcastles. They are always a huge hit with the crowds.

With all the crowds comes all the trash that is left behind when everyone leaves. It damages our ocean and the sea life that call it home. The ocean makes up a large portion of our earth and when it is left to defend itself it loses hope in all of us. When trash gets into the ocean it damages the ecosystem that the sea life depends on in order to survive. We also depend on the ocean for our livelihood.

Every year 5 to 12 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean and cost $13 billion a year of clean-up costs and financial losses in fisheries and other industries. 89% is everyday single-use items like plastic bags, straws, can and bottle carries, and more. This is what we are doing to the bacteria that is found in the depths of the ocean used to carry out testing for viruses such as COVID-19. We are destroying one of our allies in this fight.

So what are we doing? We will be changing out all of our packaging to earth-friendly materials that are safe for the environment as well as safe for the ocean. We are purchasing biodegradable packaging, as well as what we use in our home and while we are visiting the beach. Our products will be made with materials that will be safe to use outdoors in the environment. We will also be making a donation at the end of our goals every 3 months to an organization that is helping with that goal. Will you help us help the ocean safe?

We will be changing our goals every 3 months. Follow us to find out what we are doing and ways that you can help.

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