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Something new is coming!!

We have been working on some new products. We get asked a lot of times while at the farmer's market what products we have or make that are safe to use while pregnant. We do have some but we do have a lot that there is either an ingredient or an essential that can not be used.

So we have been hard at work researching the materials that we can not use in those products and what we can use instead so that everyone can enjoy our products. We have also been looking at those items that can also be used for infants, babies, and toddlers.

We have a list of items that are in the test phase or will be going to the test phase. The following items are what we have been working on.

Baby items

  1. Baby body wash and baby Shampoo

  2. Oatmeal baby bath

  3. Baby lotion

  4. Baby wipe spray

  5. Baby butt cream

  6. Diaper rash stick

  7. Baby Vapor rub

  8. Teething Cream

  9. Toy Cleaner

  10. Poop stain remover

  11. Baby Powder

  12. Diaper pail deodorizer

Mommy-to-be items

  1. Postpartum padsicles

  2. Postpartum Herbal Bath

  3. Soothing Spray for nursing moms

  4. Nipple butter

  5. Belly butter

  6. Body Scrub

  7. Bath Soak

  8. Foot scrub

  9. Roller blends - morning sickness, Extreme fatigue, Rib pain, Stretch Marks, Pregnancy aches and pains, mama's anxious feelings, and an oil blend for Relaxing during labor

We are so super excited to be working on these products. It has been a lot of fun researching what works and smelling all the combined scents and getting inspired so stay tuned.

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