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Scented in Sweet Pea and Jasmine, but the scent can be customizable.   At the end of every month we make a donation that goes towards Cancer research. 


Valley Scents bath bombs come in many shapes and sizes.  and are made from top-quality ingredients.  All of our bath bombs will tint your water and surround you with amazing fragrances, but will not stain your tub. 


Ingredients in our Bath Bombs ......

- Baking Soda:  Makes skin silky and soft.  Half of what makes it fizz.
- Citric Acid:  The other half of the fizz.  A source of vitamin C
- Cream of Tartar:  Used in aiding the Citric Acid Fizz.  Also keeps the bath bomb hard until you place it in the water
- Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA):  Creates soft, silky bubbles for a more luxurious bath time.  Don't confuse this with SLS.  
- Epsom Salt: Known as magnesium sulfate, works wonders to relax sore and tired muscles.  Helps to relieve inflammation. 
- Sweet Almond Oil:  Light oil to help soften your skin while you soak and help with Moisturizing.  
- Essential Oil and/or Fragrances:  We use high-quality Essential oils or phthalate, paraben _ sulfate-free fragrance oils.  
- Colorant:  This is what colors the water.  We use FDA batch certified colorants and water-soluble.


While our products are mild enough for children and individuals with sensitive skin, we do recommend that users test the products on their skin before use, in case they contain an allergen. 

Made in Small Batches and ships from VA, USA

Our products are made in small batches to preserve quality and freshness.

Bigger sizes available upon request

We only ship to the US

Cancer Ribbon Bath Bombs

  • These currently come in one size, but we can make medium (3.5 oz) and larger ones upon request.

    • Large is about 7 oz

    Actual sizes will be listed on the label

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