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About Us

Smores guinea pig.jpg

In 2017 we started a home-based business of chemical-free bath products.  We make all our products with all-natural materials that are toxin-free that you can love, enjoy and share with family and friends.  We all get involved with creating lovely smells to share with others.  We are lovers of all things Disney, Star Wars, the beach, amusement parks and do many outdoor things as a family. 

Our Girls are big helpers with the business and making of the products.  They just love to get there hands in there to help make everything and of course, smell it and use the products.  It really creates the fun atmosphere that we love in creating these products for us and others to use.    We are lovers of animals and sometimes they help out also just by being there. 

Our number one focus is to put into place some sustainable goals.  Our girls have picked a goal for us to focus on for the next 3 months.  Their first pick is the Ocean.  Read more in our Blog to see what we are doing to help our Ocean. 

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